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Zuckerberg : Google plus ? it is …


Zuckerberg says he actually doesn’t have much to say about Google+.

On the other hand he does say that in the last five years we have seen more and more companies trying to put in social networking items into their applications and services. He adds,

“We’ll see a lot of companies who haven’t looked at social begin to build it into their apps. Not just Google.” He also says that we might see the streaming video company Netflix add some more social networking features.

Overall Zuckerberg states, “I view this as validation of how this is going to play out over the next five years. Every app is going to be social. If we build the best service, there’s massive value there. If we don’t, somebody else will.”

Facebook has 750 M users now


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg confirmed today that Facebook has gained its 750,000,000th member, The service famously reached 500,000,000 users almost a year ago.

Neowin Report that  Facebook usage is incredibly high. Estimates suggest that the world’s biggest social network could be worth over $100 billion.

Interestingly, the service defines an ‘active user’ as someone who has logged into the service within the past 30 days. Therefore, the service has more than 750 million users.

Facebook start a video chat powered by Skype

facebook chat

“A few months ago, we started working with Skype to bring video calling to Facebook,” Facebook announced on its blog.

The new chat design includes a sidebar that lists the people you message most. Now it’s easier to find your friends and start a conversation. The sidebar adjusts with the size of your browser window, and it automatically appears when the window is wide enough.

The revamped chat system now includes a sidebar with “the people you message most.” It automatically appears when your browser is big enough.

Of course, this comes just a week after the launch of Google+, which includes a video chat  feature called ‘Hangouts’. Facebook’s video chat doesn’t support group chats yet, but when asked if Facebook will be rolling out group video calling, Zuckerberg said not to rule anything out. He added that one-to-one calling makes up the vast majority of video calling.