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Google Revive Realtime Search


Realtime Search was, until last month, the search giant’s method of delivering relevant data from Twitter, Facebook and other social media services in real time. Whenever a major current event made headlines — such as Osama bin Laden’s death — Google Search would start displaying tweets and Facebook updates from users talking about the recent developments. It made Google‘s search engine more relevant during major world events, mashable says

It didn’t last, though. Google took Realtime Search down in July after it failed to come to an agreement with Twitter for continued access to Twitter‘s firehouse of data. Without a constant stream of tweets, the product was far less useful.

“The value the product was providing was not enough,” Google Fellow Amit Singhal said about the decision to turn off the feature during a search panel in Mountain View, California.

When asked about if or when Realtime Search would return, Singhal responded by saying the Google Search team is “actively working” on bringing the product back. He added that the team was experimenting with adding data from Google+ and other sources. It seems as if Google doesn’t believe it needs Twitter data to deliver a compelling real-time search offering.

Twitter added the ability to filter NSFW tweets


Social networking site Twitter has added the ability to filter NSFW tweets to its API, according to a new post on Twitter’s developer website.

As it stands, users will be able to tag their own tweets as “possibly sensitive” as well as filter out any incoming tweets with the same tag. Additionally, anyone else will be able to tag your material as sensitive which will send a notification to Twitter for further review.

Sensitive tweets won’t be removed from the site, but simply tagged with a warning to those who wish not to view such content.

The message to developers points out that only tweets containing a link will initiate the new field and as such, only the link itself may or may not be considered NSFW, not the actual content of the tweet. The feature is in the initial testing phase where the API cannot be relied upon for accuracy, as techspot report .

Users report a Google+ bug


The Next Web reports that a number of Google+ users on Saturday have received multiple email notifications, even when users have requested that those notifications be turned off. Some users have reported via Twitter that they have received as many as 50 notifications for just one friend being added to their Google Circle.

Later on Saturday Google’s Vic Gundotra, the head of the Google+ division, posted an apology about the multiple notifications on his Google+ page. He states, “For about 80 minutes we ran out of disk space on the service that keeps track of notifications. Hence our system continued to try sending notifications. Over, and over again. Yikes. We didn’t expect to hit these high thresholds so quickly, but we should have.”


169,395 tweets for obama to answer


Obama and twitter

the President of the United States was answering questions that were coming entirely from Twitter.In total, there were some 169,395 tweets with the #askobama hashtag.

a few Tweet questions were selected from well-known political entities as well, such as Speaker of the House John Boehner (a Republican) and New York Times columnist Nick Kristof. Some might have a problem with this, since these people can ask questions of the President basically any time — but the transparency of it happening over Twitter was refreshing, techcrunch report .

Twitter, by comparison, is still a fraction of the size of Facebook. The President doesn’t have to use such an event to push some big agenda or to try too hard to appeal to a certain demographic (though there is still some of that, of course), he can just take and answer serious questions seriously. If you had said four years ago that a Twitter event with the President would come across as dignified, everyone would have laughed. Hell, just using the words “Twitter” and “President” in the same sentence would have brought about uncontrollable laughter. But it worked seamlessly today.